In my Bachelor's thesis, I dealt with the topic of discrimination in the recruitment process.  For this purpose, I looked at the study of Doris Weichselbaumer, who scientifically proved this form of discrimination in 2013. She established five different focus groups, which had the same CV and motivation letter and only differed by their names. Each focus group had a different migration background (China, Turkey, Nigeria, BKS) and, for comparison, a focus group without a migration background. 
The practical output of the bachelor thesis is a card game that reflects the discrimination happening in the recruitment process. 

Year: 2019
Role: Design, Concept, Copy
Tools: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop 
Project: Bachelor Thesis

"Ringen", the name of the game picks up on how some applicants feel in the recruitment process - they fight/wrestle for their financial survival. The game deck aspires to play with visual stereotypes from the migration countries of the focus groups, using a "typical" German font (Fraktur) as the graphic basis.
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